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Something Fresh | Something Distinctive | Something Meaningful
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How I Work

Inspiration. Fresh Perspective. Resourcefulness. Creativity. Thoughtfulness. Understanding.

These are just some of the qualities that I bring to my role as a Celebrant, which enable my clients and I to build a ceremony that is wonderful, unique, distinctive and meaningful; a ceremony that evokes a powerful memory that is strong and boundless.

Here is a perspective about how we might interact:

1. Contact me - for a complimentary, no-obligation conversation to explore your wishes, your expectations, your hopes and perspectives, the date and location for your ceremony/service, and any plans that you have created so far.

2. Face-to-Face Consultation - We will agree a follow-up date to meet to discuss the 'shape and vision' of your ceremony/service, and explore possibilities in more detail. (Face-to-face is preferred, though we can also achieve this via skype or similar if is it not feasible to meet in person). I work from a detailed questionnaire in order to capture everything that is important to you, so you can feel assured that I will ask enough of the right questions to make sure I glean just the right amount of detail about 'your story' behind the ceremony or service you are wishing to create.

3. Designing - I will work with you and any other appropriate individuals, as often as needed, to further build upon your meaningful ceremony/service, ensuring that the final story reflects your beliefs, values, personality and the outcome you desire.

4. Resources - I hold a vast library of supporting resources, so I can make recommendations for integrating rituals, symbolism, music, readings/prose, prayers/hymns, traditions/customs, and photos (or more) that are meaningful to you for this ceremony/service.

5. First Draft - I will send or email a 'first draft' to you, and continue working on the script until you are pleased with a final version. You will have complete approval of the ceremony, which will be a unique and distinctive representation of the ceremony/service that you desire.

6. What You Can Expect - my professional fee for creating your ceremony and performing it as your Celebrant will generously include all the following:

Consultations as needed until the day of your ceremony or service,

Writing and editing the ceremonial script until it represents your wishes,

Advising you on elements of ritual, symbols, language as appropriate,

Choreographing the ceremonial/service space,

Meeting with all participants and supporting their preparations,

Arranging a rehearsal prior to the ceremony (does not apply to Funerals),

Arriving, on the day, up to an hour ahead of time to fully support you,

Coordinating with other professionals,

Presiding as Celebrant at your ceremony/service,

Presenting you with a keepsake copy of the ceremony/service script (including vows for Weddings or Vow Renewals), and

Presenting you with a Certificate of the Ceremony (for Celebrations only).

7. On The Day - I will officiate at your ceremony/service and help you choreograph all the additional components, such as readers, tributes, presentations, music, singers, etc. on the day.

8. Rehearsals - for those ceremonies/services that involve a rehearsal (generally weddings and vow renewals, but may also include anniversaries, baby namings/adoption welcomes, and other family celebrations), I will also participate in the rehearsal.

9. Payment Schedule - for all ceremonies (with the exception of Funerals), a booking fee is requested upon initial agreement and confirming the date for your ceremony. The fee is categorised in three staged, non-returnable payments as follows:

  1. Booking Fee: This payment ensures that your date is reserved. I guarantee not to take another booking for the same day and time.
  2. Draft Fee: This payment ensures that I am paid for the hours of work I will have undertaken to write the first draft of your ceremony. It is fully expected that there will be revisions required to this draft and there is no limit to how many reasonable revisions may be required.
  3. Balance of Payment: This is due 28 days prior to your event.

If you think positively, sound becomes music, movement becomes dance, smile becomes laughter, mind becomes meditation, and life becomes a celebration.

- Unknown
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Please contact me for a complimentary, no-obligation chat!

07713 510730


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Something Fresh | Something Distinctive | Something Meaningful