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Funerals/End of Life

Funerals, Memorials, Interment of Ashes, Committals, Memorial Plantings, Celebrations of Life, Pet Memorials

It is said that the one fear that people embrace that is greater than dying - is the fear that they will not be remembered. Our highest honour as humans is to remember our dead. Once they are gone, their greatest gift to us is the memory of their presence in our life. It may be attached to a treasured possession, captured on film or in voice, or connected to something they created.

But where their memory lives best is in us: in the story of their lives.
Every life holds meaning and deserves to be celebrated, and celebrated well.

I would very much like to assist you in creating a funeral tribute or eulogy that celebrates the life of the person who has physically departed, but who very deeply still exists emotionally in the hearts of those who knew them.

An end-of-life tribute needs to be at the heart of the funeral.

As a professional Celebrant, I am educated and trained in the history and practice of ritual, ceremony and funeral traditions in world cultures and religions, and I am unrestricted by religious or civil formalities. Trained to a high professional standard of excellence by the UK College of Celebrancy, I am also a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, assuring that my standards remain high and my integrity is second to none.

Whether your family is secular, religious, spiritual or interfaith, or if you simply wish to express the life of your loved one in a manner of your own choosing, I can help to tell their life story in a meaningful and memorable way.

Personalising the tribute or eulogy is essential, and it must represent your wishes and the wishes of your loved one. By listening to you with care, and holding the life of your loved one with honour and respect, I will be in a position to offer my suggestions on how to include your feelings, your thoughts, and your wishes within the heart of the funeral service.

During unhurried meetings with you and your family either in your home, at the Funeral Director's location or elsewhere, we will carefully craft the Eulogy or a Tribute, and create a ceremony with your choice of music, quotations, readings, symbols and rituals. I will guide every family member and family friend who wishes to offer their personal sentiments and tributes. Prior to the service, I will meet with you again - I am sensitively aware that you will have a great deal on your mind and in your heart and I want to assure that you won't need to think about or worry about the manner in which the service will be delivered, or the special nature of the content. Every detail will be checked and approved by you and your family.

I hold a vast library of suitable poetry, readings, song lyrics, prose, and music which I can share - and together, we will craft your loved one's service in a way that assures they will be remembered, forever.

And then, with compassion, a respectful nature and a thoughtful approach, I will officiate at the service at the funeral home, crematorium, cemetery, organic burial site, or memorial location of your choice.

My Promise to You:

... is that your loved one will be remembered well in the story that their Service will tell; their loves, their unique quirks, their triumphs, their challenges, and the legacies they have left us to look after.

A Glimpse into Some of the Ceremonies that are Offered:
Your Ceremony. Your Vision. Your Way.
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At the sacred threshold of death, we gather to honour the fullness of a lifetime, and celebrate the strength of our love.

- T.S Eliot, The Four Quartets
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Something Fresh | Something Distinctive | Something Meaningful